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M.Arch studio
Taubman College (Ann Arbor, MI)​

Eastern Market (Detroit, MI)

Easter market is a destination site for both local Detroiters as well as foreign tourists, not only does the market offer farmers’ goods and local arts and crafts; It also has a long history of co-organizing techno concerts every year with German musicians.

Being surrounded by highways and segregated by both warehouse and vacant lands, these encapsulate the Eastern Market with a great sense of isolation.  Locals are complaining about the lack of advertisement. The younger generations are concerned with the trend of losing cultural heritage and diversity at eastern market. Statistics are also indicating that Eastern Market is lacking demographic diversity. The majority of current residents are of a single racial group without a higher education background. in addition, statistics are also showing a large percentage of families/single parents with several kids in the Eastern Market district.

The project “Open Enclosure” is seeking to bring more diversity and provide family and young grads preferred residential units onto the Eastern Market site. Through criticizing and reimagining “fenced communities”, Open Enclosure promotes different means of shared living and community spaces without marking a clear separation between public and private.

Public to Intimate Living

Main Courtyard

Shared Courtyard between Clusters

Shared Roof Terrace on every Unit Block

Shared Balcony between 2-3 Unit Block 

Shared Living Space on each floor